Who is Dale?

Dale Hackinen started his career as a reporter

Dale’s career started as a daily newspaper reporter and editor in a small but thriving city in Western Canada. As a journalist, Dale learned how to observe life, interview people, focus on important information, consolidate facts and write about them in interesting and informative ways. He left his journalism career to get a business degree and went on to become a Chartered Accountant and then a Certified Public Accountant. He has spent most of his professional career as a management consultant and senior manager, helping business owners and other managers achieve their goals. He started his management consulting journey with a U.S. consulting firm based in Chicago and then returned to Western Canada as a partner in a regional consulting firm. He completed the next phase of his consulting career oversees with one of the largest management consulting and accounting firms in the world, KPMG.

When he returned to Canada, he took up a new, but related career, as a financial advisor and stock broker, helping his clients save for and navigate the challenges of retirement while investing in real estate opportunities, equities, bonds and other fixed income securities.

Dale and Linda tried travelling after retiring

After selling his investment practice, Dale tried retirement and started travelling with his wife Linda. They discovered that travel alone wasn’t enough to create a meaningful and satisfying life. Looking for other ways to give back while making his life more complete, Dale joined one of the largest providers of high quality senior living services and accommodation in North America as a community business director. There he saw first hand the challenges, financially, mentally and physically, all seniors face.

Besides his professional career, Dale has set and achieved many personal goals later in life, that some would consider pretty amazing. In his late fifties and sixties, being out of shape and overweight, Dale started running, first training for and completing 5 Km runs, then advancing to 10 Kms, then half marathons of 21 kms and finally completing several full marathons of 42 Km or 26 miles. During this period in their life, Dale and Linda moved to the Calgary area in Canada, close to the Rocky Mountains. He soon tried some mountain hikes, and learned that he loved to hike and scramble up mountains, the higher the better! He has now summitted many of the mountains in the Banff and Lake Louise areas of Alberta, also the highest glaciated mountain in the continental U.S., Mount Rainer, and the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. He accomplished all of this in his late 50s and 60s!

Training and good diet helped protect his heart

Dale didn’t realize it at the time, but he had a serious heart condition, a malfunctioning value, perhaps from childhood, which when discovered had to be replaced. He firmly believes that his careful but persistent training, conditioning, nutritional diet and supplements required to run marathons and climb mountains, helped save his life by strengthening his heart and cardiovascular system. He also proved to himself, it’s never too late to achieve our dreams!

Dale left his full-time position in the senior living industry to embark on his own senior adventures, which now includes the creation and on-going development of EldersThrive. Here we will share some of the strategies and information Dale used to re-invent his life after his non-retirement and retain his zest for life! In EldersThrive we share ideas and support services with seniors, or seniors to be, looking to live more and prosper! We know you will enjoy this virtual adventure and that it will help you thrive!

We realize most of you don’t plan to run marathons or climb mountains, but we are sure you have many dreams that you have yet to accomplish, your bucket list, some of which you may have forgotten or given up.

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