Your Box of Life

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein
“The hardest thing to find in life is balance – especially the more success you have, the more you look to the other side of the gate. What do I need to stay grounded, in touch, in love, connected, emotionally balanced? Look within yourself.” – Celine Dion
We created a visual representation of a person’s life to indicate all the powerful forces, sources of support and interactions involved that we call Your Box of Life. To create a healthy life in which you thrive, ensure all aspects of Your Box of Life are being nurtured and in balance The Your Box of Life framework was adapted from the Mind-Body-Spirit model of wellness. After all, isn’t it wellness, in all its forms, that we ultimately seek? This website has been developed based on the expanded version of this model. Box of Life may not sound very intriguing, but it does sum up the obstacles, but also the many options and sources of support, we can have access to while navigating through life.
So what’s this Box thing all about. (See Diagram Below)
Your Mind, is at the heart of it. Mind is you or what you think you are and what you think on a conscious level. It’s all about your Mind, or at least it starts with your Mind. Master it, and you pretty much master life, or as much as we mere mortals can.
The challenge is, our Minds are not that free to be or do as they please. Our Mind needs a lot of education, tools, techniques and support to remain healthy, let alone Thrive.
Spirit may be a more challenging concept for some, as it’s the non-physical, unseen, frequently unknown, aspect of each of us. Spirit can go by many names, Soul, Higher Self, Inner Self, Pscyhe, Divine Self, you name it. Pick a name that resonates with you, because that is all that matters … to you.
When the Body and Mind have departed, all that will be left is Spirit. If one doesn’t believe in any form of life after death, our Spirit then still lives on in those closest that we have left behind and in our legacies and accomplishments and benefits to others we contributed. On the other hand, formal and informal spiritual and religious teachings for millennia have portrayed a higher level of existence where Spirit continues its journey.
In either case, Spirit is an aspect of life, and life here after, that we need to consider and develop while we can, if we want a complete and worthwhile life of purpose, peace, even bliss, service and growth.

We will consider Body from at least three aspects, Food or nutrition, Flexercise or Exercise and Finances. Why Flexercise? It makes for a good alliteration. Also it represents flexibility, which is something we all need to work on as we find our way through the landscapes of life as we age. Why finances? It takes money to support and shelter your Body. If we didn’t have bodies, we would not have much need for money!
We have a Body category on our blog and subcategories for Food, Flexercise and Finances where strategies, ideas and additional resources to enhance your wellness in these areas are discussed.
Beliefs form one of the walls of the Box of Life. Beliefs have been described as core beliefs, cognitive distortions, self image, etc. However, some could also be called positive beliefs or empowering beliefs. Most of us have all of the above! We will examine how Beliefs, no matter how irrational or destructive for some, actually mold or control much of your life. A wall is a good analogy for Beliefs, cause just as a wall is, they can be barriers which hinder and control your life.
We also have a Beliefs category in our Elderwise Journal where strategies, ideas and additional resources to help you remove or modify limiting beliefs while instilling or enhancing empowering beliefs are described.
Habits form another wall of the Box of Life. Habits, including addictions, are the other major life controllers. In fact, it has be estimated that at least 50% of all your actions and even thinking, is controlled by habits you have acquired over your life. If you have ever decided to change your eating habits or perhaps an addiction like smoking or alcohol consumption, you know how difficult it is.
The Box of Life’s bottom or foundation we call Connections. It is extremely difficult to build or maintain a beneficial, thriving life without a strong foundation of Connections or support.
Many Connections can make up your foundation, including:
Family; Mental care services;
Friends; NGO care services;
Colleagues; Private care services;
Neighbours; Religious or Spiritual care services;
Medical care services; Government services.
When you are in need of help or support be sure to consider some of the above sources. Perhaps you can think of other Connections or support services that have been there for you in the past. We also have a Connections category in our Caring Connections forum and Elderwise Journal to indicate strategies, ideas and additional resources to support you, when required.
If any aspect of Your Box of Life has been neglected, underdeveloped or otherwise unbalanced, your Spirit, Mind and/or Body will suffer the consequences.
More good news! It’s never too late to restore, reinforce or rebalance Your Box of Life. This website provides you with many tools and resources to do just that! In future Elderwise Journal posts and self-evaluation materials we will refer to Your Box of Life and the areas of life they relate to.
Do you think Your Box of Life is well balanced? What would you like to focus on in the future?
Please share your comments, questions and suggestions in our Caring Connections forum under the Mind category. By doing so, you can help encourage other Thrivers to examine their lives and find ways to continue growing and thriving.
You can also tag your comments ‘Body’, ‘Spirit’ , ’Limiting Beliefs’, ‘Habits’
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